Lashira Responsive Blogger Template

Lashira is a blogger template. It’s mobile-friendly, fastest loading, blogspot / blogger template optimized for your blog. It’s fully responsive up to 240px device size. This is a lightweight, responsive blogger template for personal blogs or personal blogs dedicated to women, but it is also not wrong if men also use this template. Design and takes a few seconds to load and finish everything. This template has important features needed for blog-based personal blogs. This template is also available Premium version.



  1. Responsive
  2. Seo friendly
  3. Personal Blog
  4. Magazine
  5. Featured Post
  6. Primary Menu
  7. Search Slide
  8. Recent Per Label
  9. Related Post
  10. Breadcrumbs (Hide)
  11. Comment Disqus
  12. Error Page 404
  13. Back To Top
  14. more…